2019.02.09 - 2019.04.07

Vivian Caccuri - A Soul Transplant

2019 will be a common year starting on a Tuesday. The United Nations General Assembly has designated 2019 as the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements. An early forecast anticipates mosquitoes’ buzz, a trip to Barbados, a laboratory of alchemic reactions, a biennial and an annular solar eclipse. We introduce the spring with two separate exhibitions.

Mosquitos buzz to each other as a love call, but their buzz in the ears of humans is hated. Vivian Caccuri uses sound in her installations as a vehicle to combine experiments in sensory perception with issues relating to history and social conditioning. A Soul Transplant is a sound and light installation produced by the artist during a residency at the Acusticum in Piteå, exploring a mythical story about the genetic interdependency between humans and mosquitos.

When? 9.2-7.4 2019

Image: TabomBass by Vivian Caccuri at 32nd São Paulo Biennial
This project is made in collaboration with Resurscentrum för konst and Studio Acusticum, a part of Swedish Lapland Artist in Residency.