2021.02.06 - 2021.04.11

Lala Raščić – The more tongues you silence, the more they talk

The more tongues you silence, the more they talk is Lala Raščić’s first exhibition in Sweden. For the exhibition Lala Raščić have created a site-specific installation in collaboration with the music ensemble Göteborg Baroque, commissioned by Röda Sten Konsthall.

Ancient folkloric tales, mythological figures and feminist theory are starting points in Lala Raščić’s work, where Medusa and the spider-esque Arachne are two significant sources of inspiration. In collaboration with Göteborg Baroque, she presents a new art production based on Claudio Monteverdi’s opera The Coronation of Poppaea (1642). The title of the exhibition is a quote by one of the characters in the opera, the philosopher Seneca. A quote that speak to us in a very current way despite its age of 400 years. 

The exhibition also covers older work with various expressions and materials, such as sound installations and kinetic sculptures that interact with shadow plays, videos, and drawings. 

With a feminist perspective, Lala Raščić draw inspiration from craft traditions, ancient myths, and folkloristic customs, which she reinterprets and recreates in her own and distinctive visual experience. In her work she examines women’s limited rights in the public sphere and how Western culture have shaped, silenced, and excluded women from the center of power. The more tongues you silence, the more they talk will be the first exhibition of the year 2021 at Röda Sten Konsthall – the same year as Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary and 100 years since Women's suffrage was established in Sweden. 





Due to the pandemic, Röda Sten Konsthall will only be able to receive eight visitors at a time. Tickets are valid for one hour inside the art gallery and can be booked at Billetto.

It is possible to visit the exhibition via drop-in, if the eight places have not been pre-booked. Reserved tickets have priority.

In the event of changed plans or illness, we are happy to help you rebook or refund tickets. If you have questions about booking etc, please do not hesitate to contact us om 031-12 08 46 or



Lala Raščić – The more tongues you silence, the more they talk

Photo: Hendrik Zeitler


Curatorial essay

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Illustration: Lala Raščić